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Advanced surgical procedures only at St. Joseph Hospital (Nashua Telegraph Progress, March 2)

Advanced surgical procedures only at St. Joseph Hospital 

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With the unveiling of newlyrenovated surgical suites in October, St. Joseph Hospital has once again brought leading edge surgical technology to the residents of the region.

Now complete, the nine state-of-theart surgical suites includes the only daVinci® Robotic Surgical System in the region. Also included in the surgical services upgrade is new equipment for anterior approach total hip replacement. The anterior approach improves upon the traditional hip replacement surgical method by damaging less tissue and reducing scarring, which can lead to less overall pain and faster recovery. On average, a patient's recovery time for a standard hip replacement is up to four months, but with the anterior approach, recovery time in many cases can be reduced to six to eight weeks.

Dr. John T. Lynn, Orthopedic Surgeon from the New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center, states that the new equipment called a HANA® table, "allows for more precise positioning of the patient and the anterior approach can cause "significantly less trauma" than traditional surgical methods."

"Our new ORs integrate state-ofthe- art technology along with increased comfort and privacy for patients and families. Our surgical suites and specially trained surgical medical staff allow us to deliver the most advanced surgical services in the area," states Heather Long, Director of Surgical Services.

Since completion of the project in October, feedback from surgeons and patients has been outstanding. "These changes have created a much more pleasant space for patients and their families," said Dr. Jeremy Waldman, a surgeon who performs breast reconstruction surgeries at St. Joseph Hospital. "It definitely gives you the feeling that this institution cares about their patients and their experiences." A recent surgery patient commented that "The staff, the facility and the care I received was absolutely the best I have ever experienced. I have had several surgeries and most at Massachusetts Hospitals; and I have to say that none of them compare to my experience at St. Joe's."

Robotic Surgery at St. Joseph Hospital The daVinci® Surgical System is a four-armed robot that is positioned next to a patient during surgery and operated by a highly trained and skilled surgeon.

The machine enables surgeries to be performed using smaller incisions than traditional open surgeries. Less invasive surgeries can mean less pain and scarring, faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays. The daVinci® Robot assists surgeons as they perform delicate operations including hysterectomies or prostatectomies.

St. Joseph Hospital is also one of the few hospitals in New England and the only hospital in Nashua with a daVinci® Skills Simulator, a new virtual-reality training simulator which allows surgeons to master their surgical skills and improve their proficiencies with the daVinci® system. "One of the great things about having the only daVinci® system in the Nashua area is that St. Joe's has become a training ground for surgeons in the community who want to update their skill set with the most advanced surgical technology," states David Ross, CEO of St. Joseph Hospital.

"The daVinci® has been a great tool for collaboration among doctors and healthcare organizations in the community. We welcome all qualified surgeons in the community to avail themselves of this great technology, not just those employed by St. Joe's." The community is invited to try out the daVinci® at the upcoming Nashua Telegraph Women's Expo on April 19.

St. Joseph Hospital was recently named as one of the nation's top performers on key quality measures by The Joint Commission for surgical care, along with certain conditions including heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia. The recognition highlights the commitment St. Joseph Hospital's staff has to providing quality care to their patients.

For a list of providers who use the daVinci® or HANA® Table or to learn more about surgical services available at St. Joseph Hospital, please visit