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Prescription Assistance Program Frequntly Asked Questions

What is the Prescription Assistance Program?

A collaboration between St. Joseph Hospital and Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, The Prescription Assistance Program assists the uninsured and under-insured, as well as elderly patients who fall in the coverage gap or self-pay portion of Medicare part D receive free long- term medications. The Prescription Assistance Coordinator, helps patients apply to the pharmaceutical companies to receive free or reduced-price medications.

I can’t afford my medications. What can I do?

Talk to your provider. Let your doctor know that you are having trouble paying for your long-term medication(s). Then call the Prescription Assistance office at 603.281.6631.

Can the program help with short-term medications?

No. Prescription Assistance can only help you receive medications prescribed for 90 days or longer. Talk to your provider about other options for receiving short-term medications.

Am I eligible for Prescription Assistance?

When you call Prescription Assistance, the coordinator will ask you several questions to determine if Prescription Assistance is the right program for you. Then she will send you the program application and a list of the documents you must submit in order to qualify to receive the free medications from the pharmaceutical companies. She is also available to help you complete your Prescription Assistance application.

How long does it take to receive the medications?

Four to six weeks. Once you have completed and submitted the necessary paperwork to Prescription Assistance, the coordinator forwards the application to your doctor's office for the written prescriptions. After the doctor adds the prescription information, she then sends the entire application to the appropriate pharmaceutical company. If you meet the pharmaceutical company guidelines, you can expect to receive your prescription in four to six weeks.

Where do I pick up my medication?

In your physician's office. The pharmaceutical company sends your medication directly to your doctor's office where you can pick it up.

Is new paperwork needed for each medication?

No. Once you have completed your initial application with Prescription Assistance, the coordinator handles the rest. Each application is good for one year.

This free service is available for adults of all ages. For more information or to request an application to enroll, call The Prescription Assistance Program at (603) 281-6631.