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Breast Cancer Survivorship Program - Your Journey Forward

We believe your care should not end when your treatment does.

With progress in treating cancer comes a new and unique challenge-ensuring the long-term health of cancer survivors. At St. Joseph Hospital, we know that the end of treatment is not the end of the cancer experience. That's why we have created the Your Journey Forward Breast Cancer Survivorship Program. Your Journey Forward is the first community cancer survivorship program in the greater Nashua area uniquely designed for breast cancer survivors.

What is the program all about?

This program provides continued care for post-treatment cancer survivors. The program assists survivors in the transition from the oncology specialty-care environment back to their communities, families and primary care settings.

What does this program offer to Breast Cancer Survivors?

The program starts with a personal visit with a specialized oncology nurse. This visit is tailored to each survivor as a unique individual with a customized education regarding future risks, medical surveillance guidelines, directed navigation to health professional services and survivorship resources.

This visit features a customized Survivorship Care Plan, which includes:

  • A summary of the survivor's cancer history and treatment, in order to help survivors better understand their own medical history.
  • Personalized risk assessment with medical surveillance guidelines to instruct the survivor regarding the monitoring for potential recurrence, a second malignancy, and a long-term and late-effect consequences of cancer and their specific treatments.
  • Preventive practice recommendations specifically for cancer survivors, which promotes personal health, such as lifestyle modification, diet, physical activity, and smoking cessation.
  • Navigation to appropriate health providers, community-based resources and services, as well as regional and national programs addressing all aspects of survivorship including fertility, lifestyle, psychosocial issues, insurance, employability, and legal protection.
  • A survivor notebook to consolidate all records and resources. This manual becomes a portable detail of records, resources, and information, which survivors may choose to share with their other healthcare providers.

Referral and prior authorization

Many insurance plans require that your primary care physician refer you to receive specialty care. Each plan is different. It is your responsibility to know the requirements of your plan and obtain any necessary referrals. You may be responsible for payment or your appointment may have to be rescheduled if you do not get the necessary approvals.

Many insurance plans also require prior authorization for services. On request, we will assist you with obtaining a prior authorization if needed. While your insurance may authorize the service to be performed, it may not cover or pay for the service because of your individual policy limitations. We encourage you to read and understand your policy and benefit limitations.

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