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Gregg, Heart Attack Survivor

St. Joseph Hospital Saved My Life

Heart care at St. Joseph Hospital is now more advanced than ever

It was during the Big Game last February when Gregg, a 37-year-old husband and father from Amherst, experienced chest discomfort and went to the St. Joseph Hospital emergency department. There, the doctors ordered an EKG to look for problems with the electrical activity of his heart and discovered that Gregg had a life-threatening blockage.

Gregg was quickly admitted under the care of Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Craig Berry. During a minimally invasive procedure called a heart catheterization, a blocked artery causing Gregg's chest discomfort was identified. In a procedure called an angioplasty, Dr. Berry used state-of-the-art imaging equipment to guide a balloon-tipped catheter through an artery in Gregg's groin up to his heart. He then carefully inflated and deflated the balloon to open the blockage. He finished by placing a permanent stent (self-expanding metal mesh tube) to keep the newly opened artery from closing, effectively giving Gregg a new lease on life.

After his angioplasty, Gregg felt better than he had in ages, though he still had work ahead of him to improve the condition of his heart. Gregg was referred to a St. Joseph Hospital nutritionist who helped him learn which foods can help or harm his heart. Since his wife prepares most of their meals, she attended the meetings with Gregg, and together they have adopted a healthier diet along with an exercise regimen in their household. Thanks to these healthy lifestyle changes, Gregg has lost some weight and says he now feels better than ever.

Gregg is just one of the many patients who have experienced superior care at St. Joseph Hospital's Cardiovascular and Diabetes Center. He feels grateful to have survived his ordeal and found it very comforting to have an excellent cardiovascular facility so close to his home.