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Harry, ACL Repair

St. Joseph Hospital Saved My Game.

Seventeen-year-old Harry is a sports enthusiast from an athletic family, so he was understandably devastated when a knee injury sidelined him during the first football game of the season. Harry's ruptured ACL tendon left him unable to participate in either of his two favorite sports, football and lacrosse, during his senior year at Milford High School. Harry turned to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Dan Bouvier to get him back into action.

"My doctor explained everything and gave me all of my options." states Harry. The surgery, in which the torn ligament was replaced with a new or grafted tendon, was done as an outpatient procedure at St. Joseph Hospital and took just a few hours, even though there was more damage to Harry's knee than they'd originally thought.

Once the operation was complete, the really tough work began. As Harry tells it, "My doctor told me I'd be out of sports for a minimum of six months, but if I worked really hard in physical therapy, he might let me go back sooner."

With that goal in mind, Harry began going to PT twice a week at St. Joseph Hospital's Milford Medical Center working with physical therapist Kurt Leslie. Kurt also worked with Harry's sister, Heather, after her own ACL surgery, as well as with his mom, Shelly, after she had hip surgery. "Our physical therapist is amazing," Shelly shared. "He is really the reason we all recovered from our surgeries so well."

Harry is now feeling stronger than ever and is on track to return to the lacrosse field this spring. "My leg feels strong," Harry says, "and I'm feeling confident."

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