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How We Use Your Gift

Every dollar donated to St. Joseph Hospital Foundation stays right here in greater Nashua to support us in our mission to provide healing and care for the whole person, in service to all our communities.

Your generous gift will go towards the following St. Joseph programs and more:

School of Nursing

SJSON Class of 2018
SJSON Class of 2018

St. Joseph Hospital is proud to still have its own nursing school – one of few left in New England. Nurses are critical to the success of outstanding community healthcare and more nurses are urgently needed to bolster the healthcare system.

Nursing school is a big commitment. It’s a time-intensive, rigorous program, designed to create highly skilled and devoted nurses. The program’s intensity means many students often face difficult decisions – like giving up paid work to study, despite then struggling to make ends meet.

But these students are committed to upskilling – to give back to their community and to make a better life for themselves and their families. These students want to make a local impact by caring for you and your neighbors.

The St. Joseph School of Nursing recognizes the sacrifices students make and the difficult decisions they face. We started the Hardship Scholarship Fund to help students in need. The Fund aims to alleviate financial stress and allows students to concentrate on their goal – a nursing degree.

With the current nursing shortage and an aging population, more nurses are urgently needed to strengthen healthcare. Your gift today will make sure compassionate care is there when you, or a loved one, need it.

If you’d like to secure the future of nursing and invest in the health of our community, you can donate here.

The Breast Care Center

The Breast Care Center at St. Joseph Hospital has the whole person at the heart of everything we do. We’re proud that this personalized attention and coordinated care happens all under one roof, at the region’s first comprehensive center.

Our Risk Assessment Survey helps women to know and understand their breast cancer risk factors and decide if they wish to pursue supplemental screening (available if they meet specific criteria) - all with the purpose of finding cancer early, when it is most treatable. We employ the latest technologies and offer same-day screening results, which means less time to wait for answers and less time to worry.

Funds raised provide passionate, state-of-the-art screening, diagnosis and cancer care to women in our community. If you would like to, you can donate here.


What’s in a name? A ‘cornerstone’ is the first stone set when starting a masonry project. It is an integral part of a structure and the construction of a strong and stable building is dependent on it. So too, we believe that the Foundation should exist as a sturdy, resilient feature of St. Joseph Hospital. This philosophy underpins our work; always striving to assist in providing healing and care for the whole person, in service to all our communities.

Read about all the wonderful things that have been happening at St. Joseph Hospital in the Fall edition of Cornerstone, the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation newsletter.

Restricted Gifts

If the gift is restricted to a specific program or service please include this information. Examples of St. Joseph Hospital programs or services include:

  • Clinical Departments - The Breast Care Center, The Cancer Center, The Cardiovascular & Diabetes Center, The Rehabiliation Center, ICU/CCU

  • Palliative Care - comprehensive support network for the terminally ill including education on all aspects of "end of life" planning.

  • Empty Cradle Support Group - bereavement support for families coping with the loss of a child.

  • Marguerite d'Youville Fund for the Poor - medicine and medical care for the poor and uninsured in our community.

  • School of Nursing and Scholarship Fund - academic instruction in the scientific, technical, spiritual, and social aspects of nursing, with training programs in several healthcare occupations. Scholarship support is provided to students based on financial need and desire to pursue a career in healthcare. 

Unrestricted Gifts 

If your gift is unrestricted, St. Joseph Hospital will direct your gift to an area in need of support.