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Meet Our Donors

Lisa Hastbacka – Grateful PatientLisa Hastbacka and Kelly McAllister

When Lisa Hastbacka was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was terrified of what lay ahead. Nurse Navigator Kelly McAllister made it a little easier – always there to answer questions, offer advice and listen.

Lisa gives to St. Joseph Hospital's Grateful Patient Program knowing it will make a difference in someone else's life. She says, "I give in in honor and appreciation of Kelly
and many other staff, who made a difference in my life as a patient."

Kelly is humbled to be honored in this way and says there are so many people that contribute to what she does. "The Grateful Patient Program is important because it allows us to stop for a moment in the middle of a busy day to hear and feel the impact we are making."

Brendan & Dana Keegan

Left to Right: Brendan Keegan, Kaylie Keegan, Patrick Keegan, Dana Keegan
[Photo courtesy of Lumina Photography]

Life comes full circle.

On a warm July day in 1969, Brendan Keegan was born at St. Joseph  Hospital in Nashua nearly two months pre-mature and fighting to  survive.  The family priest baptized, confirmed and gave Brendan the anointing of the sick after his 7th and final blood transfusion.  Through the good work of St. Joseph’s doctors and nurses, a “miracle baby” was born and Brendan survived.  Brendan beat the odds at  birth and continued to beat the odds as he went on to have a normal and vibrant childhood, growing up in Nashua.

"I learned firsthand about the quality of care at St. Joseph Hospital when I was born two months premature and fighting to survive. The family priest baptized, confirmed and gave me the anointing of the sick.  After great care from my doctors and nurses and my seventh transfusion, the "miracle baby", as I was referred to was born. My wife Dana and I embraced the St. Joe’s Foundation and specifically the New Mobile Health Clinic as a way of giving back to the very organization that made a miracle happen.” 

 Fast forward 40+ years, Brendan and his wife Dana moved back to Nashua to raise their family, including two children Kaylie and  Patrick.  Throughout his career Brendan established himself as President & CEO of several large private-equity backed firms and  received numerous honors, accolades and achievement awards.   

A few years ago, Brendan launched his successful business VelocityHUB. Headquartered in Nashua, VelocityHUB’s vision is to build one million leaders by delivering training, consulting and coaching to many of the world’s leading companies, small & medium businesses and non-profit organizations.  Through their commitment to faith and community, Brendan and Dana launched the Courage & Faith Foundation serving the youth of Greater Nashua and the nashuaHUB, serving the entrepreneurial community across the city.  

Brendan and Dana embraced St. Joseph Hospital’s Foundation and specifically chose to support the mobile health clinic as a way of giving back to the very organization that made a miracle happen, right here in Nashua.